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  • Олд Континент

    Олд Континент

    The Old CONTINENT Hotel, rated in 100 Best Hotels of Ukraine, is situated in the historical centre of Uzhgorod. The comfortable location of the Hotel in Uzhgorod is convenient for guests of the town, who have arrived with the aim of business or leisure. High standards of service and cosy atmosphere are the distinguishing features of Old CONTINENT Hotel in Uzhgorod.

    The Hotel contains 30 rooms of different categories with individually elaborated interior, which harmoniously blends elegancy, home cosiness and comfortable surroundings. Pleasant impressions are supplemented with marvellous views of the river Uzh and the old town. The room cost does not include breakfast, and the guests can choose from 3 breakfast types: buffet, a-la carte / served in the guest room/, continental.

    The Old CONTINENT Hotel renders the following services: free of charge Wi-Fi Internet service, a separate public-call line in each room, a personal safe, satellite television, an autonomous system of climate control and mini-bar, 24-hour room service, a guarded parking area, dry cleaner’s service.

    We also invite you to visit the Old CONTINENT Restaurant, rated in 100 Best Restaurants of Ukraine, which combines high standards of service, affable servicing and best traditions of European cuisine. Different and invariably cosy and natural atmosphere of four restaurant halls allows holding a business meeting, a romantic supper or a solemn arrangement. The interior harmony and elegance are well mingled with fresh gastronomic solutions, where the accent is always placed on the quality of ingredients.

     km from the town; Thermal wells- Cosyno-70 km from the town.

  • Прага


    Описание отеля

    Четырехзвездочный отель Прага находится в областном центре Закарпатья - древнейшем украинском городе Ужгороде, история которого насчитывает более 11 00 лет. Этот комфортабельный отель с отзывчивым персоналом определенно приятно удивит Вас своими невысокими ценами. Вам всегда здесь рады, независимо от времени суток, в которое Вы приехали. Удобное расположение комплекса: до аэропорта – 500 м, центра города – 5 км, Словацкой границы – 1 км, железнодорожного- и автовокзала – 8 км