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Swedish fans promise to return to Kyiv

At this moment, Swedish fans are festively parading to the NSC “Olimpiskiy” in Kyiv. Today, the Sweden National Team will play its last group stage match against England.

As they march, fans are singing and chanting “Kyiv- our city! We will come back for sure! We love Kyiv!”

Swedish fans have already been in Kyiv about 10 days, and have been fortunate to have all three Group D stage matches to played in Kyiv. About 40thousand Swedes have traveled to the capital for EURO 2012, and nearly 5thousand resided in the Swedish fan camp on Truhaniv Island.

Kyiv has taken well to the Swedish fans.

“Kyiv is lucky to have Swedish fans. They are probably one of the most amicable fans in Europe. Greeted with hospitality and mutual respect, Swedish fans are delighted with the atmosphere of friendship they have found in Kyiv. I hope it will continue,” spoke Oleksander Popov a few days earlier.

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