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The State Railway Administration of Ukraine (Ukrzaliznytsia) has published the price of tickets for interregional electric trains made by Hyundai Rotem.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the price of tickets for Hyundai trains will be the following: Kyiv-Kharkiv – UAH 422.91 for first class and UAH 275.66 for the second class, Kyiv-Lviv – UAH 373.89 for first class and UAH 207.45 for second class, - andDonetsk– UAH 564.25 for first class and UAH 267.75 for second class.

On Thursdays and Saturdays, a 10% discount will be applied, and the price of tickets on Fridays and Sundays will be increased by 10%.

If round trip tickets are bought, there is a 10% discount.

Ukrzaliznytsia specialists calculated that the price of tickets for Intercity+ interregional electric trains on the basis of Hyundai trains are considerably lower than the price of air tickets, which for economy class passenger is the following: Kyiv-Kharkiv (over two-hours trip, taking into account the check-in and the flight) UAH 1,197, that for Kyiv-Lviv (over three hours) – UAH 1,197 and for Kyiv-Donetsk (2.5 hours) – UAH 1,389.

The prices of bus tickets are the following: from Kyiv to Kharkiv (around eight hours) – UAH 160-185, from Kyiv to Lviv (8.5 hours) – UAH 180-215 and from Kyiv toDonetsk(over 11 hours) – UAH 265-315.

Hyundai Intercity+ high-speed trains made by South Korea's Hyundai Rotem, with the introduction of the new schedule for 2012-2013, will start running from May 27, 2012 on the Kyiv-Kharkiv and Kyiv-Lviv routes.

The Kyiv-Kharkiv trains will depart from Kyiv at 0615 and 1815 and arrive in Kharkiv at 1043 and 2250 respectively. From Kharkiv, the trains will depart at 0650 and 1845, and arrive in Kyiv at 1130 and 2315 respectively.

The Kyiv-Lviv train will depart from Kyiv at 1820 and arrive in Lviv at 2315 respectively. The train will leave Lviv at 0700 and arrive in Kyiv at 1155.

The other Hyundai trains on the Lviv-Kyiv route and Donetsk-Kyiv route will be launched in the first half of June.

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