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International journalists cover life in Kyiv during Euro-2012 tournament

The curiosity of journalists is growing everyday. As of June 22, the Kyiv City Media Center has accredited almost 900 media representatives from around the world. This has been a significant increase from the 400 journalists that were accredited on the opening day of the championship.

539 media representatives are from the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the rest from Europe and other foreign countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, USA, Sweden, China, Israel, and Vietnam.

The Kyiv City Media Center is a comfortable working environment for journalists. Located in the Tchaikovskyi National Academy of Music (Kyiv Conservatory) in the heart of the city, its unique architecture and history is appealing to professional press. Computers, printers, and video editing rooms have been set up specifically for journalistic work, as well as large plasma screens that broadcast all EURO 2012 matches so journalists are able to be part of the football festivities.

The first floor of the media center has a spacious auditorium for press conferences and briefings. Journalists are invited to attend the briefings, which highlight experts and guests relevant to the preparation and organization of the EURO 2012 tournament in Kyiv.

There are also 40 multilingual volunteers who are able to offer information a assistance to journalists.

Media center hours are accommodating for all journalists, opening at 12:00 and closing at the end of matches, seven days a week.

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