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German ambassador amazed at EURO in Ukraine

German Ambassador to Ukraine Has-Jurgen Heimsoeth notes a hospitable and warm atmosphere during the European Football Championship in Ukraine, he wrote this in his blog, according to Podrobnosti.

"Ukrainians, most of whom have never seen so many foreigners at once, everywhere welcome the guests, showing, as expected, their hospitality and courtesy," he wrote. Heimsoeth emphasized that foreign fans appreciate the friendly atmosphere in Ukraine.

"U-kra-yina! U-kra-yina!" the whole stadium in Kharkiv shouted during Netherlands vs Germany. The Ukrainian fans were joined by their German and Dutch fans. A fine gesture of gratitude for the hospitality and warmth of the hosts," the ambassador said.

He also praised the accuracy and self-discipline of the Ukrainian people.

"When walking along the Tars Shevchenko park, your eyes enjoy the yellow-blue fans who rise from the lawns to take their empty bottles to the waste baskets. The behavior that is really an example to follow," Heimsoeth noted.

Overall, the diplomat expressed satisfaction with the mass acquaintance of foreigners with Ukraine.

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