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KARPATY Recreation Medical Center

KARPATY Recreation Medical Center

Karpaty Recreation Medica Center is one of the best recreative centers of the Carphatian region. Hundreds of patients with diseases of blood circulation organs and nerve system disorders come here for the effective treatement every year. The sanatorium is situated on the slope of woody Carphatian Mountains at the height of approximately 300 meters above sea level. Its location is very convenient: buildings lie in the valley of the river called Latoritsa in a picturesque reservation of Beregvar. It is 60 km from city of Uzhgorod, 18 km from city of Mukachevo and 10 km from town of Svaliava. The real adornment of the sanatorium is an ancient palace, the historical memorial of architecture of the 19th century. It is surrounded with a beautiful park, which has a decorative lake in its center. There are more than 40 sorts of rare plants growing in it including Canadian firs, Japanese cherry-trees, rose beeches, vinegar trees and much more.

The climate is continental, temperate. Winter is soft, not very cold. Average temperature in January is –3oC. Summer is warm and usually it does not rain a lot during summer months. Average temperature of July is +20oC. Quantity of rain sediments is about 600 mm per year. The number of sunny hours is approximately 2000. The unique air composition influences benevolently the body of a patient, stimulates and makes his/her protective level of the constitution and compensative mechanisms stronger.

Positive curative effect ia attained for those patients with heart diseases (first and second functional classes), memory disorders due to insufficient blood circulation (no higher than first degree), hipertonical disease of first and second degree, heart rheumatism, neurasthenia and vegetative-vessel distonias.Treatment of patients who had suffered acute infarcts is held in spherical rehabilitative department.

Sanatorium is equipped with modern medical and diagnostical rooms. One can go trough a full clinical analysis and functional diagnosis at therapist’s as well as neuralgia department, clinical and biochemical laboratories, iridodiagnostical medical rooms.

Medical basis of sanatorium consists of water treatment department with mineral baths and curative showers; ozocerite department where musculatory and support organs’ disosters are being cured along with peripheral nervous system; gym for curative physical exercises; inhalation rooms; massage; reflex therapy; electro-therapy, etc. There is also a dentist’s department with prosthetic rooms.

There are a conceert hall for 450 seats, a dance hall, a library with a reading hall. Parties and social soirres are held every night; once a week one can go on an entertaining excursion through the Carpathians. There is a telegraph, long distance services, a post office and a rail road booking office for the convenience of the rest takers.

The unique and abundant nature of the resort, modern medical technologies, qualified personell are the pledge of your pleasant leisure time and succesfull treatment.

Methods of treatment

Climatotherapy: walks through the territory of a sanatorium, aerotherapy, heliotherapy.
Therapeutic physical training (kinesitherapy): morning hygienic gymnastics, gym, therapeutic dosed walking, health path, therapeutic exercises, fitness-training, hydrocolonotherapy, in the pool, therapeutic swimming, close tourism.
Internal use of mineral therapeutic waters: imported mineral water, name:: "Поляна Купіль", drink pump room, аpparatus for automatized dosing.
Balneotherapy: mineral baths with sea salt, pearl baths, iodide-bromine baths, pine baths, sodium chloride baths, baths with medicative herbs.
Hydrotherapy (hydropathy): vortical baths for arms and legs, vibrating baths for arms and legs, raining douche, circular douche, douche for collar zone, rising douche, sharko douche, underwater douche-massage, underwater spine traction, underwater bones traction, microclysters with therapeutic agents, hydrocolonotherapy, hydrolaser douche, sauna.
Mud and heat therapy: ozocerite baths, electrophoresis of mud solutions.
Electro- and heliotherapy and other kinds of apparatus (artificial) physiotherapy: galvanization and electrophoresis, ultrasound therapy and phonophoresis, low-frequency magnetotherapy, superhigh-frequency therapy (shf-therapy), short-wave ultraviolet irradiation, long- and medium-wave ultraviolet irradiation, laser therapy, transcutaneous laser irradiation of blood, local infrared irradiation, sollux, general infrared irradiation (infrared sauna, "quantum-chamber"), darsonvalization, ultratonotherapy, ultrahigh-frequency therapy (uhf-therapy), electrosleep, diadynamic therapy, amplipulse therapy, electrical myostimulation, interferential current therapy, ultrasonic inhalations, damp inhalations, singlet-oxygen therapy, aeroionotherapy, halotherapy, mechanotherapy.
Therapeutic massage: Manual massage: classical, segmental, pressure point digital, Apparatus massage: vibratory, massage in combination with kinesitherapy.
Other kinds of therapy : psychotherapy, phytotherapy, medicamental therapy, acupuncture, manipulative therapy, aromatherapy, medico-cosmetology treatment, General number of bathrooms: 18, General number of medicinal pools: 2, amount of mud couches: 15, Galvanic mud: 2.

Methods of diagnostics

Clinical common blood test (detailed) .
Biochemical blood test: general capacity of blood to assimilate iron, determination of serum iron value, whole protein, protein fraction, sialic acids, c-reactive protein, liver function tests (bilirubin, alt, ast), blood glucose, glycemic profile, glucose loading, fibrinogen, coagulogram, prothrombin index, cholesterol, triglycerides, alpha-lipoproteids, beta-lipoproteids, atherogeneity index, alkaline phosphatase, enzymes of blood, determination of enzyme-excurrent function of pancreas, urea blood test, uric acid blood test, rest nitrogen, creatinine of blood, asl-o rheumatic tests, rheumatoid factor.
Urine and other biological fluids and substances analyses: common urine analysis, urine analysis according to zymnytskyi, urine analysis according to nechyporenko, coprogram, daily urine for sugar, occult blood feces analysis.
Methods of immunologic diagnostics: immunogram.
Methods of instrumental diagnostics: skin thermometry, measurement of blood pressure, anthropometry, measurement of backbone strength , dynamometry, goniometry, determination of spinal column range of motions, electrodermal resistance.
Methods of functional diagnostics: phonocardiography, electrocardiography, ecg with physical activity, ecg with medicamental tests, ecg according to neb, slopak, gurevych, echocardiography, daily holter monitoring, tetrapolar rheovasography, tredmill, rheoencephalography, rheovasography of vessels and extremities, electrodiagnosis of paretic muscles, electrodiagnosis of cathodic-anodic reactions relationship .
Methods of X-ray and visual diagnostics : radiography, ultrasound examination, ultrasound examination of thyroid gland, ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity and small pelvis, irrigoscopy.
Methods of special diagnostics: gynecologic.


Water: origin: imported; Hole: 3-П; Name of a deposit: Polianske; Name of water: "Poliana Kupil"; Type of water according to chemical composition with pointing out the specifically biologically active components: carbonaceous, boric, гідрокарбонатна натрієва; Level of water mineralization:: medium-mineralized (5-15 g/dm3); Type of water according to medical characteristic:: medicinal; Water is used:: for drinking treatment in a pump room.


Gynaecologist , dietician, endocrinologist, neuropathologist, exercise therapy doctor, functional diagnostician , roentgenologist , reflexologist , dentist.

Hotel type (Hotel ) Resort & SPA
Hotel Address Zakarpatska region, Chinadiyevo village
Total number of rooms 318

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