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Chernobyl Tour

Detailed itinerary of Full Day program to CHERNOBYL ZONE

08.00 - 08.30Meeting with the guide. Tour instructions.

08.30 - 10.30Departure from Kiev towards Chernobyl (2 hrs trip) restricted zone and the zone of obligatory resettlement

10.30 - 10.45 - Checkpoint DityatkyThis is where we pass boarder control of the 30 km restriction zone : - passport control - additional instructions re rules of conduct in the Zone - entrance to the 30 km Zone towards the town of Chernobyl. Observation of river Uzh and abandoned villages Cherevatoe and Zalessie (in 2014 the last citizen of the town , Rozalia Ivanovna, passed away).

11.20 - 12.40 - Arrival to ChernobylThe town of Chernobyl was a rural town built for workers of the Chernobyl plant and members of other departments of Chernobyl zone. Activities include : observation tour of the town with photo stops on the way; visit to local museum – exhibition of robots and equipment used during the period of liquidation of the damages of the Chernobyl Catastrophe; stop near the monument «To those who saved the life»; visit to Illayas church;

12.40Chekpoint Leviv - arrival to 10 km zone.

12.50 - 13.10

Village Kopachi (4 km away from the town of Chernobyl).

Visit to abandoned kindergarten – one of the last preserved buildings in the area During the liquidation period of the Chernobyl Catastrophe the village was literally buried under the ground

13.10 — 14.00

The territory of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

. «Photo stop» nearby the cooling pond; at the right side you will see the 5th and the 6th unfinished power units together with huge buildings of unfinished cooling towers. At the left side you will see the 1, the 2 and the 3 power units of CNPP - Visit to the memorial nearby the NPP administration building; - Observation of the Shelter-2 «Arch» construction covering the damaged 4th power unit from a distance of 300 meters

14.00 – 14.30Lunch in a local canteen with products having been brought from outside of the zone

14.30 – 16.00

Proceed to abandoned Pripyat town (“Goast town”).

During the observation tour of this town you will see : «Death» bridge; the palace of culture «Energetic»; hotel «Polesse» (observation post); department store; amusement park ; the Ferris wheel (the opening day of the Ferris wheel was planned on the 1 of May 1986, but the explosion on 26th of April didn’t let this happen) ; cinema «Prometey»; river port of the city with its flooded dock; kindergarten and school; swimming pool etc.


Proceed to the secret object Chernobyl 2.

Radar station «Duga-1». Radar station «Duga-1» is one of the most famous objects of the former USSR with its accurate name being «5H32». Though the “Duga-1” was as if part of set of stations in the area, dedicated to operating the plant, it had an undercover USSR military defense role to monitor and report data re air hazard, released during launching process of the intercontinental ballistic rockets. The signal sent by the station resembled the sound on a woodpecker that it why it was called a Soviet Woodpecker.

17.00Radiological control.

17.00 – 19.00Arrival to Kiev.

Hotel Address Chernobyl
Postal code 01111
Telephone 380933266802
Fax 380444907138

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