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Hotel FAIRMONT GRAND***** in Kyiv

Accommodation at the hotel \ hotel complex \ apartments with pets is subject to strict compliance with the following rules:  

Accommodation of dogs is allowed only together with owner or handler 
- dogs accepted with withers max 20 kg; 
- maximum dogs per room allowed : 2 dogs per room

1. Term "pet" , according to the hotel regulation, means dogs and cats of all breeds. For travellers with 2 or more pets, special hotel reconfirmation is required.
2. Hotel reserves the right not to allow accommodation of certain pets upon their arrival, if conditions from this list are not met; 
3. Accommodation of dogs of fighting breeds is not allowed ; 
4. Accommodation of guests with pets is allowed in economy twin and standard twin rooms only.
5. Upon arrival to the hotel, guests must present a veterinary passport with stamps, confirming health status of the animal in the current year; 
6. Pet owner is obliged to ensure safety of other guests from pets possible activity, as well as guarantee that the pet (pets) will not jeopardize peaceful and quiet stay of other clients of the hotel
7. In case the above rule is violated, the guest is obliged to reimburce the hotel with possible charges for services of doctors, cost of medicines and vaccines. 
8. Guests are obliged to bring and use their own special mat and/or their own special cage to keep and carry pets. 
9. Guests must not leave their pets unattended in any premices of the hotel at any time 
10. Free movement of animals without a muzzle and leash in the common areas of the hotel (lobbies and corridors) is strictly forbidden. The animal may be without a leash and a muzzle only at its owner's room.
11. Pets are not admitted into the restaurant and bar areas
12. Walking of animals in the lawns and surrounding areas of the hotel - is strictly forbidden. 
13. Pet owners must use their own bowls to feed their pets. Use of hotel kitchen amenities is strictly forbidden.
14. Cat owners must utilize their own special tray for cat's toilet 
15. It is forbidden to bathe pets in showers and bathrooms of the hotel and use towels, sheets and other bedding linen of  the Hotel for pets
16. Brushing of animals in hotel premices is strictly forbidden
17. Guests are obliged to ensure that animals are not present in the room while room cleaning takes place.
18. In the event of a serious or repeated violation of these rules the hotel reserves the right to cancel further accommodation of the guest and the pet
19. The number fund personnel must carefully monitor the health condition of the rooms in which there are pets, and perform housekeeping for the duration of stay of guests on special technology: · Subjected to thorough cleansing and disinfection of floors bathrooms; • For disinfection use special disinfectants; · Pay special attention to cleaning and removing stains from carpets and furniture; · Conduct additional cleaning with a vacuum cleaner to remove the wool;
20. If damaged property at pets, the guest is obliged to pay damages in accordance with the current price of the hotel.
21. team cannot be held liable for any problems or difficulties upon the check in or during stay at the hotel, if guest provided false or misleading information about pet's size and breed during the registration process on 
22. It is responsibility of the guest to make sure that pet's characteristics correspond to the above stated rules of the hotel. does not bear any responsibility for any problems or difficulties upon the check in or during stay at the hotel, if guest did not follow the above rules while processing reservation via the web site.
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